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NationMaster's Wikipedia Cobuyitaphobia?

"NationMaster," Wikipedia, last updated 8 November 2005, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NationMaster.



The Cobuyitaphobia blog hasn't been updated much -- the last news was from August. Perhaps terrible synergies are making the news less (or I just don't care as much! : ).



Finally, though, something appropriate: I discovered from Wikipedia that , an unethical online business, has been finding its own synergies with a free online encyclopedia:


NationMaster appears to use the content from Wikipedia along with commercial advertisements in an attempt to generate revenue. For example see [1] and [2]. Its encyclopedic articles are at times almost identical to Wikipedia, but the relationship between NationMaster and Wikipedia, if any, is unclear.



Not just that, the way NationMaster copied-and-pasted content may be illegal


Nationmaster.com seems to specify more restrictive terms than (and thus be incompatible with) the Gnu Free Document License (GFDL) of the original Wikipedia content.



Of course, to this I added my own story of 's cruelty:


Additionally, NationMaster has threatened lawsuits against websites that publish negative reviews of its services.


Learn more about NationMaster's extortion

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